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I may do that, run once to the LVC in an idle-up low hover after more 3D practice, with an auto landing and Sharpie the actual runtime and date on the side. Then cut off 30s/a minute for safety, and do that again every 3-6 months. Haven't had any puffing at all, and about as warm as if I'd left them on the dashboard for an hour. Then again, they're new 30C packs so that's kind of expected.
Does anyone track how many cycles a given pack has been through, say with a sharpie dot on the side? Worth it? Seems like a good way to make sure you aren't just running one pack into the ground every time you have a free ten minutes to run out and burn through one, or to warn when a pack might be getting on the old side.

Still want to find a car adapter for the charger; not comfortable just clipping the direct-DC leads onto the car battery, as it lists a max input of 11.5-15V, and know some cars can spike up to 18V. Also kind of boring if you're the only one around, waiting the 30m/1h+ or so for the pack to charge up again.
I would suggest setting the timer so that after a flight the packs are at about 11.2-11.3 volts. This will ensure that you don't go past the 80% rule and will maximize your packs life.
On all of my batteries I put a piece of masking tape on them and then put a tick mark on them for every flight. I like to know how many cycles I have on my batteries just for my own knowledge. In addition to this I also keep track of the number of flights on my B450 and also write down the flight number when ever I do something to the heli. Such as a crash or replacing a part.
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