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Originally Posted by Kumba View Post
After a few pulls on your packs at 4 minutes I would bump it up to 5. That is what I did and seems to leave a pretty safe margin of error according to others. After 5 minutes my packs are warm without any puffyness at all. Still had plenty of power at the 5-minute mark to safely return to base and and without rushing it.
It depends on how hard your flying. On all my 2200 packs I get 4:10 with a curve at 100 98 96 98 100 and that's with sport flying. I'm still mainly tail in but I do consecutive flips/rolls, inverted hovering with punchouts and very high stall turns with piros. My packs come down pretty warm and are 3.7 to 3.73 per cell. I was getting around 4:40 with just loops, rolls and inverted. The full collective stall turns I think are adding the extra much fun though.

Your best bet is to invest in a voltage checker you can use at the field. Mine fits in my pocket and was $10. Best investment I made.
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