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T3chdad looks interesting, but no demo seems to be available so leaves me wondering.
Stuff like if you can assign the same battery to multiple craft (and still have a restricted list only showing the compatible batteries). Doesn't seem to have the option to track battery end-temp/voltage, or a way to note if the LVC/alarm was hit, or graph the results (overall or for only a specific craft due to different draw demands) to see a given pack's generalized state of health. Same with no apparent way to keep a scratchpad of notes ('remember to relubricate swashplate!', 'tail servo getting twitchy; get rebuild kit', 'pack puffing badly, replace!', 'need more nitro in this mix') as far as craft/fuel sources without logging it as a crash.
True, three or four bucks is cheap. But a strip of masking tape and a Sharpie seems just about as effective, from what I can see from the screenshots as far as the battery history goes.
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