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Originally Posted by HeliFX View Post
not so much a tool but a question about a method of removing insulation.

Has anyone found a nice, clean and quick way to remove insulation off copper wires ?

apart from scraping with knife I do recall reading somewhere about using aspirin but not sure how to apply it. Is it heated and wire dip in it .
anyone know or did I read this wrong.
Hey HeliFX,
you got that Aspirin solution backwards.
People are sitting there, looking at those wire ends, don't want to scrape because that could put some nicks in the wire and creates a breaking point, they don't want to use any dangerous acids or otherwise harmful solvents, they don't want to use sandpaper or other abrasive tools.

And all this staring at the wires and chasing for ideas gives them a very bad headache.
That's, what they need the Aspirin for. . .
Kind Regards ZT - TDR,
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