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Since where on the this theme regarding headache I decided not tap with M2 and just use the traditional method via scorpion style. 1.5 mm straight pin.
It would completely suck if I screw it up with M2 screw. next time.

funny you ask about Glass fiber sleeves. I too have the brocotts black sleeve asked about colored version but didn't get a response back. Seems like black is it.
Preferred colors for me would have been 1mm white and 2.5 mm green.
Started poking around here in town (T.O.) as usual nothing remotely close.

tried source in the US kinda "mcmaster" but not sure if there correct or similar since they don't have proper photo's

seems like electrical insulation sleeve are all in China. Do search on ebay you'll find plenty but not about spend 30 buck shipping for insulation tubes.

so my answer - no clue

I'm even having a hard time finding loctite 648 piano wire local .

finding material has been exhausting at times.

Originally Posted by ZuvieleTeile View Post
Since the motor is spinning now nicely, my headaches are gone suddenly. . .

Which pin version did you use?
Since I might have to take the motor apart and rewind later, I put some more work into it with the set screw.
Question about yours. Where did you get the isolation tubes from?
I had some black stuff in stock from Brocott, but was looking for the colored, shiny ones what everyone is using.
I found some on the net, but they have all been manufacturers and I didn't get a source for small quantities
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