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Played with "Governer Tx" mode a bit and it seems to work pretty good, although I can't do much hard maneuvers indoor.

Not sure if mentioned before, but it's very handy to use up-throttle Travel Adjust to set governer RPM for quick experiments. First I set normal TC to 0-25-50-75-100 and idle-up TC to 100 flat on my DX6i. Then I set Travel Adjust for up-throttle to 0% (this will limit throttle range from 0-50%) and stay on this screen. I then arm and throttle up in normal mode and leave throttle stick just above mid-stick but before bird getting light. Then I can easily fine-tune governer headspeed using the roller button in real-time. This is very handy because I can change governer headspeed quick any time I want even mid-flight as long as throttle stick is above mid-stick. Be careful if you follow this trick to make absolutely sure you're above mid-stick when using the roller button to change TA or else you'll be adjusting lower half throttle range which means limiting throttle travel to above zero which means motor will never stop not even throttle hold.

Once I like the chosen headspeed I can convert the TA # to TC # I'm going to set in idle-up mode for a more permanent setup. This is the formula:

TC = TA / 2 + 50

e.g. If I play around with TA and settles with 40 (40% up travel), that means I can set TC to 40 / 2 + 50 = 70 and change up-throttle TA back to 100 for a more permanent setup.

Here's a modified version of the governer headspeed spreadsheet including a column of TA value corresponding to TC value. Instead of using formula above, you can look up second column on the spreadsheet (TA) to get TC from the first column.
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