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Default 450 BNF with Spektrum DX8

Got a new 450 3D BNF to use with my DX8. Checking settings, and reviewing revised sheet from 6/2011.

The setting sheet states 'Swash Mix' is Aile -80%, Ele -80%, Pit -56%. I have found two places for swashplate programming, so this is a little confusing to my noobie self. I get that the negative numbers mean that the servos are reversed and I checked that in Servo setup to be sure. But Swashplate can be set under MIXES--Swashplate Mix, and also under Swashplate when type is set to 3 servos, 180 degrees. So which menu is used for the above figures?

While I am asking, the DX8 allows for setting the E-ring active to stop servo overtravel and conflicts. Should this be set to 'Active' to protect the servos? What about Expo? Is a little needed here?

I hope to set up the 450 in Intermediate mode until I learn it's flight characteristics, so I am not interested in advanced settings at this point.
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