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Materials needed:
2MM Carbon Rod
Dremel with cut off wheel or Xacto Knife
Sand paper
CA glue
Stock MCPX tail assembly

Step One - Remove the old carbon tube from the assembly (make sure not to damage the wires when doing so) then place the tail motor with the holder off to the side

Step Two Measure the new Carbon rod to your desired length (approx. 1-1.5 inch longer than stock) Proceed to cutting the rod with either the dremel or Xacto knife

Step Three Once your desired length is cut you can then cut a flat on the side of the rod like the original one. This is done by placing a piece of sand paper on a flat table edge and sanding the side of the rod to get that flat. A alternative is to cut into the rod with an Xacto about .5MM and then using the knife again splice the rod to that cut you just made.

Step Four Place the new rod back into the frame with the notch facing downwards, once this is done you can reinstall the tail motor. Be sure to turn the motor to where its 90 degrees with the main shaft. Once desired position is set, place a dab of CA glue to secure it *optional*

Step Five Wrap the wire around the Carbon rod and plug it back into the Main board.:
hi all.

I would like I carry out this mod, I'm just not sure what I do the the wires coming out of the tail motor holder. since they wont be running though the tail boom, I'm worried I'll damage the wires if I just jam the new tail boom into the holder since they'll be jammed between the holder and tail boom.

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