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Originally Posted by Wattsy View Post
Hey there everyone...
Not sure if I have posted to the right area
Hit the quick reply to this and not sure if I should have hit the post reply.

I have just joined the Mikado following and have the mini Vbar
I have a Dx8
Now I have just tried to set things up and still am a bit confused with the whole thing.
Been align until now and their set up really can be just plug and play

Anyway to the point.... Sorry

MiniV has been set up... Initialized...etc. but when I disconnect everything and go just from the buffer pack to the MiniV. It jumps up/down 34 times and the MiniV continues to blink.
Set tx up as dsm2 not dsmx.
Even tried just my old sat rx's not the mix of dsmx and dsm2 sat Rx.
In the setup screen I bind to the digital centre option as suggested.
Servos are futaba bls252
Will be heading back to LHS servo is cactus out of box
Sats are bound with no blinking...
By the way... Do you have to still turn on tx while holding the bind button down. That was the only way it would bind..............
Sorry for this being so long

Thanks in advance to the knowledge that will fly in cyber world
VBar rock from what I can see.
Might even pick up a full size VBar as well tomorrow.

Just sent you a pm that should help
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