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Originally Posted by whodothevoodoo View Post
I was looking for a larger canopy for the 450X so I could put in larger batteries. I contacted Fusuno and they sent me an email saying the had a new canopy (450EX) for the Blade 450 X and that it was made to accept larger batteries.

In the e same email they asked if I wanted one. I sent them and email asking how much, and got no reply.

I went on their live chat and chatted with someone who told me the price and that I could have any of their current paint designs. I asked how I should go about placing the order, and they said to order it through the email adderss.

So I sent out the email and included a photo from their website showing the paint scheme that I wanted. I also asked how I would be expected to make payment and if they could send me an email when the canopy shipped.

Still no reply. I'm thinking this is just a little too weird, so I'm thinking maybe I should not go through with the transaction?

I mean if they won't even respond so I can send them $$$ maybe I should take a step back...
Something is amiss, they are the best. Give them a call and express your email experiance. You wont be disappointed.
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