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Originally Posted by lrs5 View Post
Yea I drilled a new hole in the fin. I assumed that maybe I got a bad one or something. Guess not if our having the same issue

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They have a neat marketing gimmick where to upgrade one part you also need other compatible upgrades too. I had some extra $ burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to "upgrade" to CF fins. I wish I had not done that. To fit the horizontal fin, I also needed to "upgrade" to a more expensive and heavier metal mount. As you can see below, the metal mount is not a metal version of the stock plastic mount; it is a different part that angles the boom braces inward.

The CF vertical fin is an even worse "upgrade". It is also not a direct replacement for the stock plastic version. It is meant to go with the $28.99 aluminum tail case set, which makes this bird even more tail heavy. There is not enough clearance in the plastic tail case to accomodate the CF vertical fin. I had to Dremel off some of the plastic to fit the CF fin. Notice the Dremeled off tail case plastic towards the rear of the CF vertical fin.

This are the two versions of the vertical fins.

See below the difference in clearance between the 2 vertical fins (CF fin tail case already Dremeled).

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