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I finally got a response from Fusuno. I sent them the pics of the canopy I received and gave them the numbers inside the canopy. They want ME to ship it to some dude, and they're gonna have him ship me mine.......uh, I dont think so.
I dont know if they're for sure he has mine, besides..what if either one gets lost or damaged in transit..whos covering the insurance?. Not to mention Ill have to box this turd back up good so It doesn't get damaged and then waste my lunch break going to the UPS store.

Im filling a claim with PP and I told them Im not sending out anything anywhere till I have the product I ordered in my hand...Ill gladly send this canopy back to them, but only when I get mine and they front the shipping cost (after all, they can request a pickup tag from ups and theyll come pick it up from me..then it wont cost me anything but a little time)
For $54 total cost Im not gonna be anybody's errand boy
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