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Hey everyone...
Just curious why my servos are so docile?

I have bound the sats as...
- Run Spektrum Satellites 1 or 2 Digital Center in the VBar (will be 22ms/1024)
But they are so docile that I really have no snap to Swashplate movement.

Did the maiden flight today and all went great. Just as though I had huge expo's dialed in.
Which of course I don't.
Pitch is all up around the +-12 and ail/elev +-8 give or take.
Also... The servos take time to recentre.

Tail servo is fine. Only that doesn't recentre.

Running Futaba BLS 252's
Tail. Futaba BLS 256HV.

Qestion... Should I get another DSMX Sat (Already have one) and re-bind or can I run the DSM2's without the digital centering option?

Will get some pics up soon in relation to the build and maiden.
I CAN say at this point. Even if a bit docile... What a Heli. Should have made the transition earlier.

Thanks in advance.
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