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Originally Posted by azezeil View Post
It's not just Fusuno...I placed an order with Canomod on the 15th with 3 day shipping and it's still not out. They won't respond to e-mails either, if it's not out by the 7th I'm filing a dispute and getting my money back.

Are they the same company?
I'm not sure if they are the same company or not. I had to try twice tonight to get them to respond to me on the Fusuno Chat line. The first time there customer support person noticed who it was and left the chat room. After a couple of more tries I was finally connected to someone named Helen Nguyen. Below is a copy of our conversation. I got ticked off when they said that maybe next week they would ship my canopy. I'm going to give them a very hard time about this, because I questioned them quite a bit about the time frame I could expect for production to shipping. I was told 7 to 10 days for production and then it would ship. I bet I'll never see that canopy. And yes I will file a dispute with PayPal as well. And I will also recommend that PayPal revoke Fusuno's PayPal privileges.

This is not the first time I have run into this type of poor company service. They think they can just keep taking your money and then give you what ever kind of crappy service they want. Well if they don't have the privilege of using Visa MasterCard and PayPal, they won't keep doing it for long.

System 10:22:00 PM

System is getting started. [Thursday, May 03, 2012 10:22:00 PM]

A representative will be connected, please be patient.

Helen Nguyen enters the chatroom.

Helen Nguyen 10:22:03 PM

Hello Bert VanOstran, my name is Helen Nguyen, how may I help you?

Bert Van 10:22:32 PM

I was wondering if you can give me an update on my order number 5702?

Helen Nguyen 10:23:51 PM

hi Bert

Bert Van 10:24:08 PM

Hi Hellen, how are you today?

Helen Nguyen 10:24:42 PM

Please allow me a few second so I can check your order

Bert Van 10:24:54 PM

Thank you

Helen Nguyen 10:26:36 PM

Your canopy is still processing

Maybe we will ship it within next week

Bert Van 10:27:39 PM

I ordered on April 17th. I was told that it would take 7 to 10 days to process. Is this incorrect?

Helen Nguyen 10:31:00 PM

We have just come back from Holidays, your canopy was out of stock and our guys have made the new one for you ,sorry for making you wait so long

Bert Van 10:34:34 PM

This is poor service. If you were not ready to start selling these canopies you should not have started taking orders. I am more than a little upset. This kind of poor customer service is not good for your company. It will probably be all over the internet soon, IF YOU KEEP TREATING CASH PAYING CUSTOMERS THIS WAY. My next step will be to contact Paypal for a refund. You should keep your customers updated when there will be delays. Not just take their money and then get around to making the canopy when ever you feel like it. NOT HAPPY HERE, Thanks for nothing.

System 10:38:55 PM

The representative has left the conversation. If you have further questions please leave a message: . Thank you!

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