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Originally Posted by LawnDartHeli View Post
Ahh so its not just me then...

I fianlly got my refund on those shipping costs, I lost $3.00 in the PP transaction but its better than $73.00. It took them a week to refund my money.

They suck in my book..never again...

At least Canomod has it in plain writing on their homepage "all orders take 7-10 to process", Fusuno only says "out of stock items take 7-10 to process"
I had a long chat with Hachi at Fusuo just a few minutes ago. I am now assured by them that they will clear coat and ship my canopy as soon as possible. I will reserve further judgement until I get my canopy. They did send me a very nice picture via email, for what ever that is worth.

These companies seem to think that it's OK to just take our money and then do whatever they feel like. If we continue to be complacent, they will continue to give poor service. The only way that they stay in business is by the use of Visa MasterCard and PayPal. I work for a company that provides excellent customer service. We are continually told that we must do everything possible to keep the customer happy.

Even though our customers are much larger companies the same applies to companies like Fusuno. If they are allowed to continue giving poor CS they will see no reason to change. I hope that the conversation I had this evening reaches someone in their management as that is the only way they will ever change, short of having their Visa, MasterCard, PayPal privileges revoked. This may seem drastic but it is a real possibility. And one they had better get used to if they want to continue to do international business.

I got one excuse after another. First it was the holiday and then they were moving to a new factory. Next I was told that they only have one mold and are making canopies as fast as they can. These are just excuses. They should be up front with their customer about these things before the sale. If it is true that they have only one mold and that they just completed a move to a new factory, then they knew these things before I placed my order. I asked them, on their chat line before placing my order how long from order to production to shipping. They gave me an explicit answer and gave me no reason to believe that they would not follow through as stated.

Sorry for the rant, but living with this kind of thing every day can cause it to get to me when I'm on the receiving end of the lousy CS. Because they have the reputation of providing some of the best product available, I hope that they follow up and continue to improve in the future.


Edit; Did you ever get your canopy?
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