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Originally Posted by heuerfan View Post
Sorry you guys are having all these problems with them, but I thank you for posting this issue because I was about to order some canopies from them but will wait it out.

Hachi, replies to all my inquries rather quickly, too bad the same cannot be said for getting the canopies out to you guys............
The last time I had a chat with Hachi was on May 4th. On May 5th I received a email with updates. My Canopy was shipped from Vietnam on the 5th and is now in a Big Brown Truck somewhere near my home, out for delivery.

I have to give them some credit, when I finally got the fire lit they moved pretty good. It will be just about 3.5 weeks from the time I ordered it until it arrives. I have no doubt that had I not kept after them it could have been twice that long.

I have been told that they do great work and that the Fusuno canopies are some of the best being made.

I'll reserve judgement on that and wait to see if I read any better reports on their production and shipping times, before I order from them again.
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