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Lightbulb Resources and Information for users of Tarot ZYX, CX 3X1000, ALZRC 3GYS, Helicox TG-1

Hi Everyone,

I've recently stumbled upon all the threads in this forum related to these inexpensive FBL controllers. This thread is intended to point you guys to a bunch of resources that have been growing ever since these systems came to the market.

Note that the first generation of all these controllers seem to be very similar, if not identical, and information regarding one can easily be translated and applied to the others. So, for example, if you have a 3x1000, read thru the ZYX posts as well.

As far as I'm concerned the premier forums/threads related to these FBL systems are the ones linked below. You'll get a lot of info by reading these and probably more immediate help by posting to any of these threads:

John_NZ's PC Software

Multi-platform Thread titled for the Tarot ZYX:

Detailed explanations of the advanced settings:

A Tarot ZYX and ZYX-S thread:


CopterX 3X1000 specific:

Comparisons across the various Hong-Kong controllers:

A nice technical description of PID control systems as applied to 3-axis gyros:
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