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A little more info about using double-sided clad board as a plug-in to the toolstick. It's quite some extra work but for those who love to fabricate parts this makes a clean setup. Here's how I build the plug-in adaptor out of clad board.

1. Cut clad board into size with a handsaw (smallest size handsaw works best, as you'll find out for the next step). Length doesn't have to be exact. Choose what you want. Obviously, width has to match the slot. To be safe, you can cut it a little wider and file down later if necessary.

2. Mark location to cut a slot to fit the divider on the toolstick side. Use the smallest size handsaw and the blade should cut the slot with the right size to fit.

3.Test fit the board to the toolstick. File edges/slot if necessary.

4. If you've test-fitted the board a good few times, the fingers on the toolstick side should leave visible marks on the board where exactly each finger touches the board. Use a cutter and a striaght edge to carefully mark where you're going to separate adjacent traces. You don't have to do every single trace. Make note of which one you need. The 2 adjacent ones that you need to short out on the toolstick, you can just make a single trace for both. For the ones that don't need to connect, file the copper off the clad board.

5. Continue to use the cutter to separate the traces entirely. Make sure separate traces have absolutely no chance to short out.

6. Final test-fit and test continuity. Once all OK, solder wires to the clad board and heat-shrink it.
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