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Originally Posted by togy View Post
Thanks for some very nice and pedagogic information!

I've done my best when soldering my XT60 connectors. Would it be possible to confirm a good solder joint with a multimeter? I've just bought some Thunder power lipos 3S 2250 mah 65C for my trex 450 and want to get the most out of them with no power lost over the joints. Is it usefull to controll the joints, and if it is, how should I do?

Thanks in advance,

A multimeter... no.

You need a specialty milliohm meter. They are very very expensive.

If you have a high quality multimeter and it reads less than an ohm (less than a 10th of an ohm or less if it reads that low) you are probably good... but you really need .0000 ohm precision at least to be able to test it properly.
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