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I did the maiden flight of my B450-2 flights and 2 good landings. Today I'm taking apart and putting back together and checking and found this PDF from Thalios on the blade grip assembly:

I noticed the photo above looked different than mine. I have a flat washer where the photo above shows part BLH1621, washer, with extrusion.

So, I checked the blade web site and it looks like a flat washer like the one on my bird:

So, I found another photo by Thalios and it looks like what I have without the extrusion:

I'm new to the B450. First flight yesterday. First dis assembly this morning. Yes, I'm aware I did that backwards-check and inspect BEFORE flying.

So my noob question, how concerned do I need to be about finding a washer with extrusion as shown in the Thalios diagram? And where do I find it?

thank you.
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