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Originally Posted by Thalios View Post
Sadly buddy, you need that extruded washer as if not, it would put the force on the wrong part which might result in binding or premature wearing of parts like bearings etc.

If you're talking about the 450X, that's a different head i've not seen yet so I cannot comment yet sadly..
Nope, talking about the B450. This is the B450 bible.

I am confused because your diagram is the only reference I've seen for the extruded washer you listed as part number BLH1621 (feathering shaft part number)

When I go to order part number BLH1621 it appears to have the same type of flat washer that came with my used B450. When I look at the photo on the bottom of page one where you show the assembly order it also looks like you are using a flat washer on your own B450.

My LHS has very few B450 parts and the feathering shaft is not one of them so i cannot look there.

Has anyone ordered blade part number BLH1621 and gotten an extruded washer included? (Actually two-one for each side) Is the extruded washer a non-blade part? A user modification? If so, why the blade part number in the diagram?

Obviously I'm confused. I will probably need to internet order the part. I want to order the correct part to get the extruded washer. I'm concerned that if I just order the part number you assigned to the extruded washer (BLH1621) I'll get a package that contains more of the flat washers i already have and no extruded washer.

thank you.
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