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Originally Posted by RTDillon View Post
It is open season on radio shack diodes. Any of the rectifier diodes would work fine for this step down. If you want a higher current rating check the specs. A voltage rating over 10 volts and a current rating large enough to suite your wishes and go for it.

For Example:

3-Amp Diode
Model: 1N5402 | Catalog #: 276-1143
Decisive 200A surge. Type 1N5402. Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) is 200.


PTC205 Silicon Diodes (3-Pack)
Model: PTC205 | Catalog #: 276-1114
Contains 2.5A, 1000-PIV silicon diodes
Exactly. But you still probably want to check the forward voltage drop also. Some of the high power rectifiers have smaller drops meaning they may not get your voltage down to 5V.
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