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It flew mostly fine actually. The collective was much more sensitive but it was the fluttering sound that made me suspicious. The rotor looked a bit weird in flight like the tracking was off so I landed it and checked the tracking on the ground. It was dead on! So I kept flying it and then the timer was up. Landed it again and this time I set down next to it and just took a long zen look at the thing and then I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. LOL I just balanced the blades the night before and between the late night and some beer, one got turned somehow. These suckers should be keyed! Anyhow, I was amazed nothing got destroyed and it flew as well as it did. Cudos to the BeastX! It probably never had to work this hard in it's whole life! LOL I did some hard pitch pumps and the noise it was making was scary every time. I'm sure it would've flown much better if I reversed both blades! LOL Oh well, someone was talking about flipping blade grips? Try this on for a change!
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