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Default I Done Did it now !!!!!!!

Ok guys, a while back i did a basketcase Raptor 30, So i did it again, i found 2 Quick 30's, that i should be able to make one good flying Quick pro 30 carbon ???? I hope, i got a low butget...again,
ALSO !! if anyone has a quick 30 out there, i will have some good spare parts, we can work out a deal.....caz 1 of these needs partsNEEDS for the build
quick 30 canopy....or somthing that will fit..
3 cyclic servos .....I GOT SOME
1 throttle servo ........GOT IT
1 align 2 in 1 ..........STILL NEED ONE
1 tail servo.. futaba or align ............GOT ONE
fuel line ............NEED SOME
align fuel filter with T fitting .............ON ORDER
i have 2 booms, but they have glue on them from the rod holders so i would like a new.....but i can do without it
1 supertigre g 34 h piston ring....( i think i found one.
some velcro and battery straps,
i have a vintage futaba radio, that matches the i will use that..
I tore it down tonight. and wow someone must have used red loctite, caz i cant get some of the frame i will have to deal with that getting parts back in.....
and maybe some other things i have not found yet.....But the objective is to set up and fly against my raptor 30...a 1 on 1 review.....Oh P.S. if you do have any items, remember, IM SO BROKE I CANT PAY ATTENTION! bear with me, my progress might be slow, but i will do it...
i do have a second 30 airframe, if some one needs parts..
i will update photos on project...

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