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Originally Posted by anmatheextreme View Post
Can somebody post a pic of the head at half stick-zero pitch. I just want to see if anyone is running the follower arms a little off from horiontal position. I really want to get rid of that red light on step L of the BeastX
When I have 0 pitch at mid stick, my follower arms are horizontal.

But I used a T450 tripod leveler to double check the Blade leveler and I use the tripod leveler to assure that my swash is level at full positive and negative collective.

I think you might have your swash a tad too high or too low at mid stick, depending. This would make your follower arms just a bit off......My Blade leveler teeters a bit because the surface the leveler sits on is not perfectly level. I just use the Blade leveler to set the swash height, while checking that the follower arms are horizontal at mid stick.....then use the tripod leveler to get the swash exactly level......all being done while in setup menu G WITH any servo selected and exit setup menu G with any servo selected.

Hope this helps!
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