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Default So much for the 8T

My hp06v2/9T/governed-6000rpm setup has been running fine for me. I've tried different max pitch settings and I've settled with 75% (11-ish degrees) and I've always wondered if the max pitch is limited by motor torque. I've always wondered how a 8T would change things. My 1.5mm bore 8Ts have finally arrived from Astroid Design a few days ago. Haven't got a chance to fly until today because of weather.

Finally have good weather to fly at the park today. I'm a bit disappointed not because the 8T pinion exploded on me (yes, not slipped but exploded because all the pinion glue is still on the shaft) but because of 8T performance. First, headspeed doesn't stay more constant with the shorter gearing for more torque. Second, I found out that beyond 12 degrees of pitch the main blades start to generate lift inefficently. That means although I can get more lift turning up max pitch from 11-ish I get exponentially more bog to go with it. So in the end, 75% pitch travel (11-ish degrees) is still the sweet spot for max pitch regardless of motor torque. And that translates to no matter what pitch and headspeed setting, I cannot get better full-pitch pump performance or tic-toc performance from 8T than 9T with my hp06v2. Maybe I'll revisit 8T on hp06v2 in the future, but it'll most likely not be 1.5mm bore.

I wished after trying out 8T I would be able to say there's no substitute for torque. Instead, I have to say I'm so much more impressed with BLHeli governor performance to make 9T run better than 8T on hp06v2.

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