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Put back on 9T and flew 14 packs today, increasing governor headspeed each pack from 70%, 72.5%, 74%, 76%, 80%, to 88% (full throttle). I think 9T probably bogs a bit more than 8T if I don't handle cyclic and collective good together but that situation is less likely to happen with 9T due to the extra pop and better full pitch climb available. Even with full throttle and 75% pitch travel, I still get 3.73V immediately (and back to 3.78V after sitting for a while) after 4:30 flight time (5:00 by landing) and the motor, ESC, and battery are no more than barely warm. I'll keep the 9T on the hp06v2 and perhaps turn down headspeed a bit since full throttle is a bit too much for my pilot skills for now.

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