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Who Dares Say Electric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Only Kidding.....I guess Iím weird....I went from electric to Nitro.....and someday GAS

So anyways, stayed home today from work to go see doctor, for a week and a half Iíve been feeling allot of pain on the left arm and chest and I thought I was having a heart attach , But I went in for a EKG and heart is doc thinks itís like a tendentious ????? (Thatís why they call it "practicing medicine"
So now another pill....."""STERIODS""" donít make me angry!!!

So while I waited at home in pain. I had to do a few things to keep busy

1.....tore down and cleaned the tt36, the guy said he put it in just before he crashed....looked really good carb a little stiff, but i think she is ok.....i just dry fitted her.....i think im going to need a cluch liner....$$$$$

2. I had to rebuild my head, just to check everything....( please to all builders.....DO NOT USE RED LOCKTITE!!!!, I was snapping nuts and bolts off of everything airframe and head....WOW is was ready to throw this thing away.....but itís still here....

3. I had to rebuild the fuel tank, once I took the plug out, the brass tube where all chewed luckily I have a test tank and some new I rebuilt it..

4. I donít know if this is a good idea, but the 2 booms I got where scratched and dinged and the color was off, so I sanded, puttied, painted and clear coated the best one....But I had to scrape it off were the tail goes on.....added to the thickness..But the color is a match...I really need touch p on all the parts.....but that would take forever

5. well took 6 i got to relax......Just Getting OLD
waiting for some used parts, and i will keep you updated,
thanks for all the help......
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