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I'll do a write-up on brushless tail setup. Trying to gather FAQs.

Unlike BLHeli main, there's no special arming sequence for BLHeli tail. It's possible you've entered TX program mode inadvertently which usually results in setting the 1st parameter to the 1st value which means reducing tail gain to minimum. If you have connectivity to toolstick, check your tail gain. If not, you'll have to get into TX program mode with rudder stick (with non-zero throttle) like you use throttle stick to get into TX program mode for main ESC and re-set tail gain. Right rudder is full throttle, left is zero. If you have a hard time visualizing that, turn your TX CCW sideways. Rudder stick is now like your throttle stick when you TX-program the tail.

Here's how I arm both main and tail ESCs.

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