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Default What is the best voltage for running V-bar

I watched your video 5 on power distribution. You mention that if your reciever outputs both a tail (5v) and cyclic (8v) you have to use only one of the voltages. In the video you said to run the tail signal into the vbar and then send the 5v from the reciever directly to the tail servo. I have been looking at running HV servos on a electic heli. I want to use the flight pack and a BEC to step the voltage down to 8 or 7.4 volts for the cyclic but I like my JR8900G tail servo that runs at 4.8 volts. I think I can run the v-bar at the higher voltage (v-bar manual says input can be up to 8.4 volts) and use a regulator after the v-bar before the tail servo to step the tail voltage down to 5v or 4.8v.

couldn't I also step the 8 volts down to 5v before the v-bar and send the 8v from the BEC directly to the cyclic servos and just have the signals come out of the v-bar for the cyclic servos? I plan on running 2 JR sat RX's off the v-bar.

Which voltage is best for the v-bar? I have heard from a local (non-vbar person) that v-bar does not like higher voltages.

Am I over thinking this?
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