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Default Update 6-12-2012 Quick 30 Restore

Iíve been sorting and cleaning and searching for parts......and all is well, and I wanted to keep the vintage look...with a kick, I got an old futaba radio, that Iím going to convert to 2.4 technology, I donít have allot of cash, so I buy them crashed and hunt and search for parts thought it was going to be tough, bring a quick, but it wasnít, at quickworldwide they do have all the parts, but the whole idea like the basket case raptor i got, was to see if i could dig scratch and crawl, and find parts, but i did have to buy a few items, which was no different than the raptor v1, most parts for that bird a scarce!!!and it cost $$$$ to convert to a v2, but the Quick 30 will be as it was, I donít have a canopy yet, and there are still some parts left to find....but all in all it has not been bad....the only bad thing was getting the tail all set, and the pulley side rail snapped off, so I had to take it apart and do it over,(but you have to realize, I have 2 crashed units, and Iím trying to build one good one, and the difference between the quick and the Raptor, is for the same cost, the quick is all CNC and Carbon Fiber, the Raptor was all plastic,...I trying to use the servos and electrics form the timeline of the bird....not top end, but affordable and flyable, I just want to say, that Iím am a 1 year veteran ,flying and building heli, and Iím am not a pro from no means, and Iím the type that donít like instructions, Iím kind of mechanical, I use them very limited, and thatís the point to see if this can be done by a noob..And this will be a fair review between the Raptor and the Quick 30, the 1 thing i notice is head design is more mechanical with the Quick ??? is it overwhelming ?? ? we will see, sorry for the time line......itís a cost issue with me, so bear with me, my raptor took most of the winter, but Iíll tell you the Quick is going well, and here are the pictures of her up to date..

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