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Good afternoon,

the blades teted here are the FBL version.

SInce the factory was built ( in Korea, the blades are not OEM'd from an external source) , many different blades have been created and tested.

We tested early prototypes in USA and reworked from the test results, then we made a second production and had some good FB blades but FBL was not satisfying ( too soft, or when strong enough some high load on engine) and finally we found a solution, and Rigidheli store in Europe and Anko Dragt and Eric performed intensive flying tests with various sets for FBL.

The new blades have colors on them ( Red for FBL) and will be available for the 700's within 2 weeks. 615's FB and FBL are available already.

We are making 435's, 325's and tail rotor blades and also FAI / F3C / Spedflying blades, in small quantities.

For official country flying teams ( F3C for example), we can make specific weight and cg's blades when it's possible to achieve.

But blades feeling is varius from a customer to another, i will simply say that the profile we use is pretty agressive under neutral for very fast small moves ( tic tocs and stuffs) and will smack perfectly if you redice a bit the overall pitch value on pitch and cyclic ( they will stall a bit if you have too much pitch on them).

Except this, well it's impossible to say more, this is more a customer feeling that will make that he likes them, or not

Best regards,

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