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Default New to CP Pro 2, thus far not impressed !

Hi Chaps

Been flying the backside off of my BL MCPX and loving it...getting some inverted and basic 3D in..

Saw a Blade CP Pro 2 at what I thought was a reasonable price so snapped it up thinking it'd fill the gap between my MCPX and my Raptor 50 as it clearly says on the box Lightning-fast cyclic response....3D blah blah

In reality it couldn't be much father from the truth...I bound it to my Futaba FF9 with DM8 spectrum module as I didn't really want to use the supplied Tx...I configured it all statically on the bench then took it out for a tester

First hover was disastrous, lasted 10 seconds and that was mostly me immediately trying to land it straight on the skids..but it tipped over, broke a blade grip, horizontal fin and lost a pitch link !

The cyclic response was absolutely dreadful, once airborne it was wafting around on it's own all over the place taking very little notice of my desperate corrective inputs

I put it back on the bench, put a new blade grip on and then noticed that the rubber O rings had popped out of the rotor head so I re-fitted them, but the blades grips still had a lot of end float (there is one shim each side). I also removed the flybar weights at the paddle end.

Back outside again for another did exactly the same thing as before, and as I attempted to get it back on the grass it tipped over again...this time bending the main and feathering shafts...also the rubber O rings had popped back out of the rotor hub again too...

So, as the title says..not impressed..and I assure you's no 'pilot error'...

I'd certainly appreciate some encouraging words from those that have them too as to what could be wrong with this one

Many thanks

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