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The CP pro is an older Eflite model. To be fair, the performance was pretty decent when it first came out, for it's size.

That being said, the best thing about model helicopters is that they can be upgraded with components of many different styles and brands. You can upgrade the servos, the motor, gyro, and possible the head and tail mechanics, and get a pretty sweet flying machine.

Check out some cp pro videos on YouTube, some of those guys are running cool setups and getting some good 3d flights from them.

Don't be discouraged, you've got a classic small electric helicopter. You should fly the piss out of it as well as your mcpx. You can definitely benefit from the size difference, as well as the mechanics layout. This should help you get used to working on smaller machines that are designed similarly to the larger machines. It will help you get familiarized to the size whenever you upgrade to a similar sized performance bird, like a protos, trex, or something like that.

Don't get too down about the problems, either. With these older birds, parts start to go bad and break down. It's usually just simple stuff that's easily replaced, but working on these birds can be just as fun as flying them. Go over the bird carefully, get yourself some replacement parts, and get flying!

Good luck and happy flying

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