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Something is not set up right. The CP PRO2 is not very stable but still flies decent enough. I have about 400 flights on mine with numerous crashes and I found if I didn't set it up correctly after a repair it was difficult to fly. I actually like flying it since I have a small back yard I can't really do much with something bigger. My trex 450 I take down to a flying field. The 450 is so much easier to fly very stable but I would not part with my Cp Pro2. It gets a bum rap for not being easy to fly but that is why it is a good trainer.

After many crashes and repairs(very cheap and easy to repair) I got to the point I felt ready. Because the Cp Pro was more difficult to fly it made the Trex transition easy and I have about 40 flights on it and have never crashed. A friend of mine who has a lot more money to spend junked the cp pro2 after about 20 flights and bought a trex 450, after several crashes, he bought a trex 500 FBl. He can now fly pretty decently but that learning curve cost him far more than I am willing to spend.
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