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Well, tired one more time and it's working just fine. Just bind to a full receiver first, works without issue. Then plug the sat into the rudd channel, and your esc into the ail channel on the zyx-s. Then when you apply power it will flash yellow. You must press the button on the side of the gyro and hold it until the light turns blue or it will not connect to the software. Once you have a blue light connect to the appropriate comm channel and when the software connects hit the reset all data button or it will still be messed up. Don't choose the dsm2/dsmx channels they suggest by radio, there all wrong. If you bind to a 6 channel orange receiver first, the only selection that works in the software is DSM2-1 which it says is for a Dx7 but works properly with a Dx8. All the other choices have messed up channels / wrong assignments. Once you get to this stage everything else works fine. Setup as you normally would.

I hope this helps someone in the future. It only took close to 24 hours to get it all sorted out, the price you pay for discounted items I guess. Again, this is for the orange satellite receiver when bound to a full size orange receiver first.

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