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I almost bricked my zyxs when I tried to use a satellite:
1) updated to 3.0.2 firmware
2) connect to the USB software
3) enter setup mode, select one of the dsm2 satellite type (with the satellite already bound to the TX previously).
4) exit the USB software
5) Power back up, zyxs doesn't talk to the satellite properly.
6) Now the USB software cannot connect to the zyxs, so I cannot switch to other receiver types
to see if it works.

Some how playing around for over an hour I managed to get it to connect so I switched receiver
type to full receiver.

This post makes me want to try using a satellite again, but I still worry about the catch-22 of not
picking the correct receiver type, then not being able to connect to the USB software to reset
the receiver type.

Is there a solution to this dilemma?

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