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I picked up my 250 PRO DFC Super Combo kit a couple weeks ago. My first Align heli and my first kit build but I've had many years of mechanical and electronic work projects. I was very impressed with the fit, finish and even the packaging. The mechanical build went quick and easy. The mounting of the receiver, ESC (where they wanted to put it didn't feel right to me) and routing all the wiring took me a while. Very pleased with the results and she flew fine right from the first takeoff. Well, I did have the rudder gyro compensation backwards but that was an easy programming fix.

I found no issues with the tail components. Everything appeared straight and installed easily. The only issues I ran into with the kit were minor and have been noted by other builders. First, tightening the main shaft bottom bolt caused binding with the one way bearing. I temporarily took out the copper washer at the top of the main gear. Second the canopy seems to fit way too tightly. I trimmed some of the bottom where it hooked on to the frame which helped but it's still way too hard to get it on.

All in all I love it!

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