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Default Things to check when buying the 130x new before 1st flight and go to forums

OK there have been a lot of people having good luck with this lil guy right out of the box and some having trouble right out of the box. So it looks like those who are having good luck out of this lil it was made on Tuesday thru Thursday and for those that is having issues theirs was made on a Friday and Monday (just a lil humor). Treat it like if you would a bigger heli mostly pre assembly heli (trex 450) or RTF ( blade 450) . So here is the list

1. Check feathering shaft for tightness and lock tight also check tail grips
2. Check blades for tightness they are to loose out of the box ( mains and tail)
3. Check gear mesh on A &B gear meaning making sure its not tight against round part of B gear and also pressed against the gear ( boom could be to close in or TT could be install backwards)
4. Make sure the A gear is not touching servo (mosfit) use a piece of paper to check this. if A gear is touching lightly sand A gear.
5. Check TT at C gear make sure the TT is not touching the tail shaft shelve that can cause vibes also if so just cut extra off .
6. Then test fly if you have a wag or bounce change gyro settings here is the forum for this and it is a sticky.

Here are a few forums you could go by and a few mods you can do to make this lil guy your best friend

(If I forgot anything please add to it)

Hope this help everybody out

PS this is not a beginner heli you can't jump from a coaxial or jump on this heli for a beginner heli. start with maybe the msrx so you can at least get the feel of fbl and movement and orientations then move your way up.

Be blessed

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