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Originally Posted by Liduno View Post
The hardware kit [blh3122] for a 120 sr has longer screws of the same pitch, they are long enough to engage both sides of the shaft but not so long that the would stick out.
Hmmm, thanks for the tip. Since I have a 120 SR and the hardware kit, I am going to do it. Also, Isaac, I am going to give your idea a shot also. I feel that all the mods I have tried so far from suggestions of different folks have really contributed to my heli being so smooth and stable in flight. When I first checked my helis out of the box and rotated the main blades, I new something was wrong because it did not feel smooth. One thing was the A gear was slightly rubbing on the FET and by using a suggestion from someone on HF, I sanded it down with 320 wet&dry sandpaper and that help a lot plus other mods.

Keep up all the good work guys. Love this forum and hopefully everyone will eventually get there's flying well.

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