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Default Advice needed for next heli

Hello all!

I've been lurking around here reading for a while but this is my first thread. Absolutely love this forum. Thanks for all the great posts.

So, I currently have a B450 3D, mcx2 and Phoenix sim. I fly the mcx2 with no problem (as to be expected) in all orientations, and have maybe 30 hours on the sim. I can comfortably hover the 450 tail-in, however my skills end there. (Had a cocky moment where I tried to hover side-in and nose-in, did not end well... New spindle, main blades, main gear etc)

Anyways, I'm struggling to choose between the B120 SR or the MCPX as my next heli. I've read great things about the MCPX (crash resistant, can be toned down etc), however isn't the FP 120 much easier to fly? I would like a heli I can grow with, not just tail-in hover as I'm now doing with the 450. Also I study abroad and can't bring my 450 as there's no room for it where I study. I also wouldn't be able to put it in my luggage. However I _need_ to bring at least one heli and the MCX2 gets boring quite fast. So which would guys recommend? Mcpx or 120 SR?

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