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Default Zyx-s install and I am stumped

Ok zyx-s is going in a 250 pro dfc.

I have the gyro and the USB adapter.

I need to power the unit and start the installation.

The unit can not be powered through the USB port. I tried that and it does not work.

For initial setup then I assume I need to power it with the esc? Can I just hook a battery to the esc on the bench without attaching anything to the heli, then redo the final connections when everything is setup?

Power would be put on the aileron channel?

The satellite connects to the Rudder?

Initial setup is with just the unit and satellite with no servos attached?

Then power the unit down and attach the servos and finish the setup?

The tarot instructions show binding the transmitter and receiver using a cable between the top two ports and the satellite in the rudder port. Where in the world would power from the esc connect to?

Thanks for your patience, this is my first build and I am just disappointed in the documentation. I can build/repair/network computers but this thing has me stumped!!
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