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Originally Posted by viper8315 View Post
Well, here it is, shorty after it's second flight...this thing flies so freakin steady it's amazing...I know it's just a bone stock 450x, but it's still awesome to me!
Originally Posted by jason4636 View Post
Mine might not be an 450x from the factory. But none the less, mine is a Blade 450 3d. Converted to a 450x and then some!!!! I've kinda went crazy on my mods!!!

So here's all my mods to date

Sookum SK720 FBL controller
Tarot FBL head with the DFC links
Hitec 5056's for cyclic
Hitec 5084 for tail
The whole tail, fins, and both sets of blades are CF and aluminum
T-rex 500 skids
T-rex 450 canopy
Scorpion 2221-6 (not installed yet)
Hobbywing esc (not installed yet)
Hyperion phase sensor (not installed yet)

All I can say about the SK720 is? I love it!!!! It has self-level, that I have as a bail-out switch. But now it is helping me learn inverted flight. Cause the SK has SL for upright and inverted flight. I know it has boosted my confidence level a bunch.

I got the scorpion motor, esc, an phase sensor to be able to run the governor ot the SK. It's gov. is pro-active instead of re-active. Since the gov is controlled by the SK, when you input pitch or cyclic. It will ramp up the motor, befor hand. So there is no motor bog. Plus once I get my DX8. I can program in 3 gov. rpm's to a switch.

I hope you guys like it, an not laugh at it.

Is it me or are your tail blades on backwards?
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