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Originally Posted by burnoutboy View Post
Those are the normal height airtimes. I'll post a pic of the low pro's on the mCPX tonight (if I remember), they're only about 1/2 as tall!! The canopy is mm off the deck.

I've been flying the mCPX's a LOT lately and had the mSRX downed for about 3 weeks de to a blown elevator IC MOSFET. If your motor sticks all the way to one side or the other as soon as you power it up this is likely the cause! coredump fixed mine and murderisthegame's both fly great now.

ANYWAY, I flew the BL mSRX for the first time in about 3 weeks. It's just like koi said. It's a damn drag car. Even with *only* a 13,500KV motor and a heavier canopy and skids than stock it's like a dart. Faster in a straight line than the mCPX with bullet blades even! I love her and missed her more than I knew!
Got a set of the lowpros on the way. I was down to 1 set of skids for both of my MCPX's so i needed them very badly.
I can't wait to fly my BL MSRX, if it flies half as good as the build is, I will be very happy ! The craftsmanship you did was fantastic !

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