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Originally Posted by im2tall View Post
The instructions are actually straight forward !! When using anything over a DX 7 you need to bind with the receiver !!I would like to now will it work with the DX6i if I just bound by sattelite or would I have to bind with the reciever and sat. hooked up first !!
I did actually find it a bit hard to track down the proper binding system using a DX6i.. this worked for me, and it might help a few more of ya'll too..

Step 1: Get a OrangeRx 7ch receiver and a Satellite. Hook only the sat and a power source whether it be a ESC and a lipo or simply a RX pack. Put the bind plug into the according spot on the RX (it's says on top of the RX what spot to use). Power on the Rx with the Sat in bind mode. now hold the trainer switch on the DX6i and power on the Tx. After a few seconds you Rx and sat will be bound!.

Step 2: hook up the ZYX as instructed in the Tarot software (note: for this 1st step I use the Tarot software, but after I use John nc). Turn on you Tx (always turn your Tx on befor you plug in you ESC on the Heli). Now power up you heli.. you should see the ZYX with a yellow blinking light.. If so gently press the program button on the side till the ZYX light turns a sold blue. (I keep getting a solid red not blue, make sure you Tx in not in rate mode.)

Step 3: Once you have a blue light, start the Tarot software, and connect. (should be com port 1-4) Cool now lets hit the ALL DATA RESET button on the front page of the software. Good, now let keep moving to the setup tab. move past the Tx tab, and to the Rx tab.. this is the important one! At the top you can select DSM2-1 (must use this with a Orange Sat.). Note the way everything is connected and check make sure you are correct. Hit the finish button. Disconect the ZYX, and power down. Turn Tx off then back on, hit throttle hold, to make sure nothing bad happends. and power on the heli. If the lights are all blinking, then go to one solid blue.. you are bound and ready to start setup.. Although I would use john's software from here out. And I'd update to 3.5 too.

IF you have any more questions let me know I'll be glad to help I just did this today for like 4 hours so it's still freash in my head
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