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I'm actually gonna pass on the larger batts. Although this LG is really nice, there is a few faults with it when used on the msrx. The pins that attach to the frame are not snug so they dont stay in. However once with canopy is on, it pushes up on the battery cage and in turn keeps the front pin in place. The back pin stays in place thanks to the support rods on the boom. Ends up working out good but I am going to glue the pins to the frame. At $8 for a frame and $8 for this LG, I really dont care if I have an issue and need to re-buy. Another issue is the tubular rods are fairly loose as well. Once positioned I put 1 drop of glue where it connects to the skid arms to keep them in place. Now they stay in place.

Assembly was a bit tricky because the linkages for the support arms need to be glued into position and need to be angled correctly before screwing into the LG. If these angles are way off you wont be able to install them. I was just barely off on the angle on one of them and it made my install pretty difficult but overall the kit comes together nicely. This LG definitely adds a tad bit of weight but hardly noticeable and when flying it feels more like a scale heli. Because of this increase in weight I'm going to stay away from the larger batts to help keep the weight where it is. Im assuming the bigger batts are heavier.

Overall I am VERY pleased with this kit. It looks awesome, and its very durable. I don't know if its just my imagination but it seems to fly better too. Turns and piros seem way smoother now.
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