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Originally Posted by DrCopter View Post
Overall I am VERY pleased with this kit. It looks awesome, and its very durable. I don't know if its just my imagination but it seems to fly better too. Turns and piros seem way smoother now.
I just ordered a set of these skids for mine from eBay the other day and love the look already on your bird. What kind of frame are you using? My RKH frame has a set screw on each skid mount so I'm hoping I don't have to glue anything and just tighten those or use longer ones in their place. I am using MCP X batteries though because I just got my brushless build back from Burnoutboy and he hooked up a MCP X lead to my board and I love it! The BL build looks and flies like a dream, the quality and craftsmanship of his work is unmatched IMO . I can't wait to install these new skids this week and then give my canopy a new paint job with some custom graphics to make it a little more of my own.... I'll post pictures soon.
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