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Originally Posted by murderisthegame View Post
I just ordered a set of these skids for mine from eBay the other day and love the look already on your bird. What kind of frame are you using? My RKH frame has a set screw on each skid mount so I'm hoping I don't have to glue anything and just tighten those or use longer ones in their place. I am using MCP X batteries though because I just got my brushless build back from Burnoutboy and he hooked up a MCP X lead to my board and I love it! The BL build looks and flies like a dream, the quality and craftsmanship of his work is unmatched IMO . I can't wait to install these new skids this week and then give my canopy a new paint job with some custom graphics to make it a little more of my own.... I'll post pictures soon.
I am using the stock frame but your RKH frame with the screws should work good to tighen the frame pins. The only thing you have to be careful about is glueing the linkages into the support rods. Make sure they go in all the way, and are at the correct angles. If these are off just a little bit it will make installing difficult. Other than that, just follow the instructions and your good to go!
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