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Originally Posted by DrCopter View Post
I am using the stock frame but your RKH frame with the screws should work good to tighen the frame pins. The only thing you have to be careful about is glueing the linkages into the support rods. Make sure they go in all the way, and are at the correct angles. If these are off just a little bit it will make installing difficult. Other than that, just follow the instructions and your good to go!
Very cool! You're making me ancy now haha they're supposed to be here Wednesday but looking ahead it seems like a long way away seeing that I won't be able to start assembly/installation until I get home from the office that evening! I know once I see the delivery confirmation the rest of the day is going to drag because all I'll be thinking about is how bad ass my bird will be once I get home and get everything installed and tested!
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