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Originally Posted by koi-fish View Post
ya, I was coming out of a swoopy curve and decided to see how low I could skim. overcorrected a little bit.

I've got two of them, but after doing a double brushless, the stocker doesnt see near as much flight time unless I want to mess around with it in the house. I cant fly the brushless in the house because I nail the ceiling if I twitch the throttle.
Haha yea I just got my brushless board back from Burnoutboy last week and it's insane compared to how it used to be, not double brushless (yet) but I foresee that in the near future! I was just outside for literally 30 seconds flying and it started thundering and raining a little so I brought her down, as soon as I stepped on the porch the bottom dropped so I'm glad I wasn't out flying still! I decided to take it inside and give it a shot...... after a few mishaps I was able to keep it under control but less than half throttle and basically in a hover the whole time, brutal!
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